Friday, January 28, 2011

Queen's Signify

Have wanted a tattoo since a long time ago. But due to no money, no chance, no guts, thinking of the position, what design, blah... i have not got it until yesterday :)
Decided to get a tattoo since the minute i walked out from the salon, hurriedly i told bby  " it's time for me to get a tattoo on my neck since my hair is short now!" Bby was happily said " OK lah " o.O
This boy have been desired to extend his too.
While waiting for the day to come, i have been asking bby like thousands questions :) such as, pain onot ? put here nice onot ? really not pain ar ? this design nice onot ? bla bla bla.... The minute bfr we step into the shop i was still asking :) 1st timer mah..ofcourse nervous -.-

I have been told by alot of ppl whose got tattoos that it's not pain. But now i know they all BLUFF !
What not pain ? It's pain okay ! Only that the pain is bearable. I placed it on upper back instead of neck.

Every tattoo got a meaning/story/reason behind it. Mine : i loves to call myself queen ( not princess o..LOL ), bby pampering me like queen, and the symbol is cool and i want it ! A CROWN ! Crowns and crown tattoos mean essentially the same thing; they symbolize superiority, regality and power. 

Let the pics explain the process 
Last pict of my bare back
David was standing behind me but wtf can't see him at all ? No! i'm not that "large" must be the angle's prob!!
That's the draft.
Was nervous like mad !

Thats for the pain !!

And ... TENG TENG TENG TENG................

 CHIO !!
Bby's draft
i think his more painful -.-"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Nasi padang

Nasi padang roughly mean indo's mixed rice i think.
It is a malay eating house in indo that serves you whatever they have on your table. Usually arnd 20 dishes will be served to you. Normally the portion is for 2 pax of each dish. You may ask for more i you wish to. Untouched dish will be recycled or served to the next costumer. Eg : "they served you a 2 pcs of fried chicken, but you only took one, so they will put back the other one, or add 1 more pc and give it to the next costumer"
Its only for fried dish lar...No worry. They won't pour back your leftover curries lar ~.~
Some customer will use their hand to eat. (i will do that if i pack home to eat).
Sounds gross ? Just don't think too much on the cooking process of foods. You won't even know if you are about to eat a piece of chicken from kfc that had just dropped on the floor! or somebody spit on your pizza because he/she breakup with their lover. Who knows o.O

Singapore's malay rice really tastes diff from indo's malay rice. The chili, the curry, everything is diff.
We don't use curry powder to cook curry in indonesia. We uses spices. In singapore, whether its a chinese stall, malay stall, or indian stall... ALL USING CURRY POWDER!! ALOT !!

So i'm about to share a malay eating house in singapore that really satisfy my craving of indonesian foods.
And they using spices for their curry lar. Don't ask how i know, i just can differentiate!! That's it !
I used to go to upper thomson for indo's food, but that restaurant closed down liao :(
But luckily i found this one @ lucky plaza few weeks ago but yet to try.  So dragged bby to go have our dinner thr since we were at far east.
The owner is an indonesian, so no need to worry about the originality of the food.

Ofcourse because of hygiene problem, in spore they only give you what you want to eat. Just like mixed rice.
Their chili and curry are really nice, end up both of us ate 2 plates of rice-.- 

See ... not a single thing wasted :D

By the End of this post i just want to share what i will definitely eat whenever i go far east !
Loves their Sausages to the max !!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have been damn emo lately. Slept almost once every 2 days. Cried alot. Cried over nothing.
Seems like something is bothering me which myself don't really know what actually i'm worrying for. Life seems perfect to ppl around me. I can say that my current life is not short of anything. I got a good hsbnd, i'm not lack of money although not very rich, no need to work, i just came back from holiday, i may eat whatever i want, i'm considered gorgeous(at least for bby ), clubbing almost every week, may go shopping and buy anything that i want as long as bby can affort, bby even gave a duplicate card. So sometime i ask myself " what the hell are u emo for ? What's more do you want ? isn't it your life is the kind of life that alot of ppl pursue to have ?" i don't know -.-
My ideal life is very simple, i wish i have a job, and bby stay with me. is that so difficult ? i'm not a 女强人. I din set any goal for myself since i was child ( except to be a singer, most of ppl wish to be a star when they were young right :D ). I have been working since 9 yrs old. Destiny was not very kind to me. I have to work to keep myself alive. So i got no time to think of what job shld i get or what i want to be. Life was too busy for me, i need to school and work at the same time,  none of my time was being wasted. But Life changed since i met bby, i feel grateful that everything provided by bby, nothing i need to worry about but at the same time i'm doing nothing except playing game and fb. poor thing. Not that i'm regreting my life now, i'm not and i won't do anything that will make myself regret, that's what i hold so far. Only jobless makes myself feels worthless. Seems like the main problem now is i need a job. That's it ?

Roughly 2 months more I'm going to follow bby to vietnam as he being posted over there. We going to Vung Tau, and we will be staying in a hotel. Maybe the nearer the departure date, the more i'm worrying. Ever thought of staying here and he promised to come back once a month. But i don't want to have a same life like last year, he was in batam, i was working here. he came back once a week, and my life was only working and sleeping.
What i am going to do over there ?????

Friday, January 14, 2011


Went paradiz centre for our dinner, was intended to visit juju steamboat as we keep seeing the advertisement on tv. But when we reached there we saw this japanese buffet restaurant, which was more crowded and worth it than juju.Cos juju provie a 8 course stemboat set for $29.90++ / pax, while at momiji $30.90++ / pax for dinner  for ALL YOU CAN EAT.( $16.00++ for lunch if i'm not remember wrongly )..  So we decided to give it a try.

First impression: Looks impressive with the decor and layout AND variety of food. An entire row of sashimi/sushi; a stall dedicated to tepanyaki; another for hot plate and paper steamboat; wide range of selection for tempura and other cooked stuff; fresh fruit juice counter and other drinks counter; ice-cream; desserts and mochi, and the list just goes on...

 for tepanyaki
Prawns, oyster, unagi, pizza, chicken wings etc
Fried rice, noodles,chili crabs, broccoli
Finger foods, ~ try the fried chicken !!
Hot plate

Paper steamboat

snow crabs

Our first round ;

Second round :

Mad fresh prawns !

i looks terrible -.- Focus on the oyster k ..

Third round :

and its dessert time

was wondering y the machine not working

I don't eat chocolate so for me only the chesse cake was nice .. hees

I had vanila and mango flavours ~ normal
Bby keep praising on the green tea flavour... 
1 Selegie Road
#03-011 PoMo S188306
Tel: 63383122